Top 5 Excellent Texas Wedding Chapels

Need help with your wedding venue in Austin, TX? If yes then you came into the right post. There are so many places to tie the knot in this location but the ones that will be mentioned below are the top rated wedding venues.

Wedding VenuesYou don’t need to go somewhere else to get a high quality recommendation regarding the best wedding venues in Austin, Texas. Here they are top five excellent wedding chapels that you can make use:

(1) Mercury Hall

If you are looking for a hilltop venue then Mercury Hall is the best recommendation. This location is perfect for couples who are dreaming of an idyllic wedding. This hall is quite historical since it has long history; it was built in 1904 and being maintained until now. The place can provide you space for wedding needs; not only that, this location is also used for other events like birthdays, fundraising, performances and etc.

(2) Chapel Dulcinea

If you live in downtown Austin, this place must be familiar to you. This chapel is sitting on the edge of a walking trail situated inside the Wizard Academy Campus. This is an off the rack type of chapel since the weather is not always good. If you like perfect surprises, this place will surely suit your needs. This small chapel can be able to accommodate 50 guests in its hand chiseled benches made of stones.

(3) Barr Mansion

If you need an area that is huge for your 300 guests then Barr Mansion is the best place. The whole premises is measured 6,000 square ft. Aside from the artisan ballroom, it is also a good place for outdoor venues. It is characterized with farm, beautiful garden, and production kitchen.

(4) Smith Family Chapel

If you want to get married privately in an 18th century old chapel, this is the place that you should book. This place is so unique since it is among the few remaining century old chapels. The chapel can be able to accommodate maximum of 300 people. The exterior look of the chapel is more on white limestone while the inside is defined by wooden oak.   

(5) Star Hill Ranch

If your wedding theme is about Texas during the early 1900s then this ranch is the best pick. Most of the buildings in this area are in good shape because they are restored for the purpose of film making and wedding events. Since 2002, Star Hill Ranch has hosted more than 500 weddings so the management is quite experienced or seasoned. If you have the love for historical themed weddings, this restored location is a good venue.

Booking for a venue is one of the responsibilities that the couple needs to perform. The above-mentioned venues are currently the best pick, so please make sure that you call ahead of time in order to secure reservation. Please take note that rates are changing depending on the demands; the earlier you book the cheaper the cost is.